What we offer?

Learn the secrets of the stock market with Vivek Singhal. We are here to help you make smart investments.

Online Classes (Zoom App)

Online Classes for someone who wants to make significant profit while being engaged in his/her corporate job, self employement or business.

Offline Classes (In Person)

Offline classes is for someone who wants to become a full time trader and wants to make his career in stock trading for herself or for becoming independent Research Analyst, Investment Advisor or Portfolio Manager.

Support with Mobile App

A continuous support through Mobile Application with live examples of Technical charts based on the learnt strategies for revision of learning.

Upcoming Online Classes

You can enroll for upcoming new batch that is beginning from 14th January 2023.

Upcoming Offline Batch

3rd and 4th Dec-22 - Batch is Full. 7th and 8th Jan-23 - Batch is Full. 4th and 5th Feb-23 - Enrollment is Open.


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About Vivek Singhal

A Successful Trader and Investor

Vivek Singhal is a successful Trader and Investor in Stock Market, having an experience of more than 18 years.

Teaching Online and Offline

He also trains people those are willing to make big money in stock market trading and investing. So far he has trained more than 6,000 people through his classes and is a mentor for more than 2 lakh people through his YouTube Channel “Trading With Vivek”.

Past Corporate Experience

He has worked with companies like HCL, EXL Service and Bharti Airtel for more than 8 years.

Vision and Mission

To have a large family of 30 million successful trader and investor to get trained under his mentorship to participate in India's growth journey over a period of next 25 years.

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What should we learn before start trading or investing?

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How I Made My First One Crore

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How To Find Great Companies In 5 Minutes

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World’s Best Trading Strategy

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Saturday Evening With Vivek

How to get financial freedom?

Here is my complete journey that how I got financially free to become a full time Trader and Investor.

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What peoples say about us

It’s always good to get feedback from our beloved students to keep us on the right track. It always helps us to keep on doing better and better.

I attended online classes of Vivek Sir in Oct 2021. After taking the 6 days classes, my mentality about stock market was totally changed. My belief became very strong about Share trading in Equity (not in F&O). How to find stock and how to invest became so easy after attending online class. After few month I attand 2 days offline classes of Vivek Sir on June 2022. Becoming super rich is so easy in stock market" belief become very strong. After taking training, the attitude towards living the life has totally changed.
Sunil Patel
From Surat, Gujarat
The best financial decision of my life was attending online & offline classes of Vivek bhai. He teaches not only practical money making investment & trading strategies but shares his deep knowledge about personality development as well. It was only Vivek bhai who taught me, how individual's personality affects investment returns and how to improve it. Here are some of his lines I always admire - 1. मार्केट नीचे जा सकता है, लेकिन नीचे रह नहीं सकता । 2. ये मार्केट है, फिक्स डिपोजिट नहीं । 3. कभी भी 5% से ज्यादा, 1 स्टाक में मत लगाओ ।
Gurgaon, Haryana
First of all let me thank you for giving me confidence regarding earning through stock market. All strategies taught in Online and Offline classes are back tested by you sir. Using strategies taught in online classes, I started earning good percentage profits, even in many cases it is more than 100%. Before online classes, I used to worry when market was down; now I stay relaxed as I know market can't stay lower, it will go up only. Stocks those I purchased based on strong financials, business model and moreover your tested strategies, so there is no need to stop loss. EARN CONFIDENTLY WITHOUT WORRY OF STOP LOSS.
Yuvraj T. Dhage
Pune, Maharashtra

Why to learn?

It’s always better to learn before start trading and investing than losing your hard-earned money.